"You´re hired!" : A Migrants Journey To The Right Job In Norway

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

We’d like to share how one of our candidates, Mr. Waqas Mushtaq (in the picture), got recently matched by Skillfugees and successfully hired at a company in Oslo, Norway. 

Waqas, who has origins from Pakistan, was born and raised in Libya. In Libya, he worked as a project coordinator in the Oil & Gas Industry and as an Account Manager in the Aviation Industry. 

He then packed his bags for Norway in 2016 to further pursue higher education. He had been accepted into the master's program for International Business and Marketing, at the prestigious facility of NTNU (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet) in Ålesund.

Like any person who’s heard of Norway, Waqas had regular expectations from his new country of residence. Once he was here, he realised it was a whole other world. 

“In Pakistan or Libya, it’s perfectly normal to be at least 20 minutes late to an appointment. But since I personally like punctuality, the first thing that impressed me was the punctuality culture here in Norway.” 

He was fascinated by the “work all weekdays and relax all weekends” culture in Norway, “... in Pakistan and Libya it was common to socialise during weekdays after work too, but do I believe in a healthy balance between professional and personal time.”

As a resident in Ålesund, his admiration for nature grew and he was floored by the kindness of Norwegian people. His challenges began when it was time for him to get back to the workforce. 

“Not having a professional network can be a huge disadvantage in Norway, something I don’t have. I went through several recruiting processes and interviews. This time of my life was emotionally harmful and professionally risky because I was going to have a huge gap in my CV.”

Waqas had a glimmer of hope when his Norwegian language teacher handed out a school newspaper. “I saw an ad in the newspaper by ‘Skillfugees’ and uploaded my CV on their platform after class.”

“At Skillfugees, they listen, understand, and deal with job seeker’s challenges and help us get into the workforce with the help of their network in the Norwegian society.”

“I am confident that the people behind this Skillfugees are those that understand the challenges migrant job seekers face. Their efforts and guidance are way beyond than that of the recruiters I have talked to. After all, I did land a job, thanks to their help.” 

We asked him for some advice to fellow migrant job seekers in Norway, “Don’t lose hope or give up! I’ve gone through looking for jobs and almost gave up. But I took a break and the next morning – started all over again. Your commitment and belief are key to get the job you want.”

As for employers who are sceptical to hire immigrants, “People are more than a piece of paper or their CV. Invite skilled candidates for an interview to truly understand their potential, before sending them a rejection email.”

When he talks about the importance of the Norwegian language he says, “It’s important to learn the language, yes. Most companies don’t require this and yet they prefer it. Mastering any language at a fluent level takes long or could possibly never happen. A basic competency during the interview should be enough for a person to land such a job.”

Norway is quite an expensive country to live in and everyone needs money to support themselves and they thus end up doing the jobs they’re not qualified for (which is perfectly okay if it makes you happy). “People with Master’s Degrees or PhDs end up not doing what they could do, to make use of their education and contribute to the Norwegian society.” 

But as Waqas said, don’t give up. If you’re looking for a job, allow us at Skillfugees to help you. Upload your CV here and we will get in touch with you personally. 

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