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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

In Norway, networks are important for getting into working life, says Jyoti Sohal-David. She has started her own job agency for refugees and immigrants.

Author: Bjørn Tore Brøske & Catherine Kahrs

Refugees who come to Norway are going through a so-called introduction program. The goal is for them to get into work or education. More and more people are doing this.

  • But many still find it difficult to find work. It also applies to refugees who have education when they come to Norway, says Jyoti Sohal-David to Klar Tale. She has started Skillfugees. The company will make it easier for skilled refugees to get jobs.

  • Refugees will be given help to find companies that requires their knowledge. We have our own website. People can send us their resume. That way we can see what kind of education and work experience they have. This way we can find the right job for them, she says.

She herself was born and raised in Norway. The parents are from India.

  • They have studiet and worked in India. But when they moved to Norway for a better opportunity, they had to start all over again.

  • Jyoti is a trained career counsellor. She has also been a volunteer in the Red Cross organization.

  • I've talked to refugees about their problems. Many people say that they lack friends and social community. In Norway, networking is very important, even when you are looking for jobs, she says.

She says that many refugees have lost their papers on the way. Others did not have time to bring when they fled their country.

  • Some do not get their papers approved they bring to Norway. They have to go back to school again. It causes some to lose motivation. Some also find it difficult to learn Norwegian. All of this is a challenge, she says.

  • We need measures to get more refugees to work. There is no doubt about that, says Ann-Magrit Austenå. She is Secretary General of the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS).

She doesn't know about Skillfugees and what they can offer. But the most important thing is that the introduction program for refugees is improving, she believes.

The government has a proposal for a new law on integration. They propose to better adapt the introduction program to each person. Austenå is positive for that. She also thinks we must try to put together the right place to live with the right person.

There is a big difference between what an educated Turkish and an Afghan shepherd boy needs. We should look at what experience each person has and what they can. They should have a municipality to live in that can provide the education and job they need, she says.

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