Why it's worth looking outside Norway to recruit tech talent

Companies and their hiring managers are striving for diversity. 'Diversity' is no longer a buzzword but an industry-standard need. And in addition to inclusion, there are more benefits diverse teams can bring to a business.

"Diversity defines Joymo. Take our tech team, for instance. The Lead Architect is from Algeria, our QA Lead is from Northern Ireland, our UI/UX Designer is from Ukraine, and our frontend developers are from Seychelles, Venezuela, and India", says Rajesh Balachandran, Head of Product at Joymo.

In a team environment, it's no secret that inclusion leads to breakthroughs in speed to market and strong team problem-solving capabilities.

Similarly, diversity in leadership provides unique perspectives to business approaches, supports quick decision-making across multiple viewpoints, and enables a recognition of emerging trends that lead to new business opportunities.

Raj continues, "In my experience, working with people from different cultures means making room for more perspectives in the team. This also fosters unity because I've noticed people are more inquisitive, curious, and patient to understand each others' opinions and points of view. In fact, we’d like to continue adding more to our diverse workforce at Joymo."

Joymo recently recruited two international talents through us at Skillhus. Alejandro from Chile and their new front-end developer decided to take a chance on Norway.

"I would definitely like to highlight the team's willingness to help and their overall positive attitude. This creates a comfortable environment that has helped me integrate quickly and start contributing."

Joymo, still a growing startup, tries their best to make everyone feel included. Their onboarding process has been designed in a way where all new recruits

meet everyone in the company, right from the CEO

right down to the last employee of the company.

"We also have a company-sponsored lunch to make them feel welcome. Joymo also provides the flexibility and encourages new employees to join remotely while their paperwork is still being processed. This way, they aren’t stuck in a limbo while waiting to hear back from UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration). New employees are also assisted with the paperwork for their visa."

A potential risk with lack of diversity is where non-diverse teams could stagnate or limit their visibility to new opportunities, and end up falling behind their competitors.

Chetana, a passionate software engineer from India believes the tech industry to be full of interesting opportunities for anyone curious and capable like any other industry.

"I do understand that in the corporate world, not all women are as privileged as I have been. Women need to be provided with a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment to thrive at their potential”, says Chetana Naik, Joymo's new front-end developer.

She strongly believes the scope women have in tech and rightly so.

So, in both recruits, we see how these talents are from outside of Norway, how Joymo benefitted, and what the company does to help them with their integration process.

Some of the benefits of hiring international talent could be: improved company reputation, a wider range of skills, increased productivity, improved creativity, improved cultural insights, reduced employee turnover, increased profits

and improved employee engagement.

So keep those diversity recruitment goals high, and don’t be afraid to use tools to help you achieve them.

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