When sustainable buildings meet international talents

When Varig needed a new Product Owner to their team, network ended up to be key for the CEO and founder Renate Straume.

«I heard about Skillhus through one of the companies we are sharing an office with and was immediately curious to hear more.»

With her background in engineering in the construction and property industry, Renate has seen how it is amongst the world’s least digitalized industries despite it having a lot of potential on how to create more sustainable buildings.

In early 2019, she established Varig: to make it simple to operate buildings that have a positive impact on the environment.

«By automating access to source data and digitize standards, processes and communication lines, Varig aims to provide owners, tenants and users of buildings with intelligible and useful insights to propel environmental-friendly decisions

Skillhus and Varig met a September morning and the day after Skillhus was already in the process of finding a good match for Varig.

The company was looking for a Product Owner to be responsible for maximizing the value of their new product released on the market earlier this year and wanted to add another international talent to their team!

A time effective hire

When asking Renate about what she liked most about the Skillhus recruitment process, she states;

«Working with Skillhus meant that I could continue focusing on developing my business and save a lot of time that I otherwise would have spent on the recruitment process. Instead, I was presented with a selection of unique and competent candidates ready to be interviewed after only a short period.»

She also valued that Skillhus understood time was crucial for Varig and worked efficiently to find the perfect match. After 2 weeks, Skillhus had shortlisted 3 candidates that were ready to be hired.

Renate adds; «We are very pleased to have had access to an untapped pool of international talent before many of our competitors!»

Be good, be true

In business, Renate has always seen diversity as a competitive advantage, so when Varig, was defining the company values she was quick to make sure diversity was a priority.

«Be good, be true means that you should strive to be a good human, respect others, embrace differences, spread kindness and stay true to who you are – it’s at the core of our business.»

Renate emphasises that her team needs to consist of people that can challenge the business and always contribute to discussions on how to build the company.

«In order to fully understand the world you are competing in, it's crucial to make sure you know and understand your customers and their diverse needs. Diversity is a clear competitive advantage for us at Varig

Are you curious to know how we can help you recruit from our international talent pool? Get in touch with us here.

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