“We Hired!” How A Norwegian Company Strikes Gold With Internationally Skilled Professionals

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We talked about one of our candidates, Waqas Mushtaq, whose expertise was picked up by a Norwegian company through our database. The company is ‘Bravo Seafood’ and we’d like to share their experience.

We talked to Qiao Chen who said, “...the hiring process with Skillfugees was a positive and simple one. What I also appreciated were the close follow-ups. They have close contact with both the candidate and the potential employer. They match employers and the most qualified candidates in a very efficient way.”

While we have a pool of highly qualified candidates belonging to different cultures, Qiao feels that our candidates stood out in more ways than one, “Skillfugees’ candidates are equipped with higher education and a unique range of competencies which includes international expertise.” 

Qiao feels our mission at Skillfugees creates a positive social impact and is thus a win-win situation, “I would definitely recommend using Skillfugees as a job seeker and as an employer.”

For job seekers, Qiao believes in trying to embrace the Norwegian culture, while celebrating their cultural differences. 

“It’s important to adapt to the Norwegian society but people from different cultures can facilitate in an exchange of new knowledge and ideas.” 

Companies being open-minded creates a more international business mindset and atmosphere.

“For companies and organisations working in the global markets, such as us at Bravo Seafood, to employ professionals from different cultural backgrounds will strengthen our positions in these markets and open more doors in new markets.”

Qiao’s one big piece of advice to job seekers new in Norway is to pick up the Norwegian language and to try to expand their network in Norway to an extent, “...it is really important to try to adapt as much as possible to a country you are a resident of.”

So, are you a resident of Norway, looking to work at a place that is culturally diverse and that could use your international expertise? Get hired by uploading your CV on our website here. We’d like to help you just like we helped Waqas!

Or, are you a company in Norway looking to tap into a culturally diverse talent pool equipped with an international perspective and knowledge? Register your company here on our website by simply filling out the employer form. 

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