Success Story: An Indian In The Norwegian Fjords

Updated: Mar 13

Interested in the work-life balance culture in Norway, and the child-friendly environment, Vidhi Kumar thought moving to Norway as a trailing spouse would be an easy transition to make. 

Like many immigrants, Vidhi too was in for an interesting surprise. Looking back, she realises that it was quite a challenge to start life from scratch, something she didn’t think she would've had to do.  

“Things like – getting a driving license, finding my career path, integrating culturally, building my professional network, and more, were things I had sorted in India. However, coming to Norway, I had to work to get all the basics in place again, including learning the local language, Norwegian.”

However, she adds that truth, honesty, and simplicity are core values she’s experienced in most of her dealings in Norway. 

“I am truly impressed by how the day-to-day life of the average citizen is hassle free thanks to the level of transparency and digitalisation. And how can I not appreciate the pollution-free, breathtaking environment all around us!”

We’d like you to meet Vidhi Kumar. An enthusiastic marketing professional with over 12 years of experience at an international level. She’s contributed her marketing and operations expertise across a range of industries from technology, management consulting, automotive, finance, media, and consumer goods!  

She resumed her professional journey in Norway in 2017 by starting to work at startups. She also has significant leadership experience in managing culturally diverse teams.

For Vidhi, the biggest challenge was building a network in her new country, Norway. 

Vidhi as a working mother, realised that she was stretched too thin just with her day-to-day activities. Juggling between work, home, children, and Norwegian language classes – she found the much needed support in her husband. 

So, how did she build her professional network in Norway? 

Through LinkedIn, of course!

“I used Norway’s high usage of LinkedIn to my advantage. I started reaching out directly to companies I could contribute to, and people I could interact with. Some responded, some didn’t. Either way, I made progress, one contact at a time. In fact, LinkedIn is where I found Skillfugees!”

Vidhi reached out to us through our website and shared her story with our Founder, Jyoti. She goes on to share, “Jyoti has such an honest and infectious energy, and she took the time to understand me not just as a candidate, but as a person.”

For Vidhi, the personal, human, and proactive job search process, paired with prompt and honest feedback – made the journey with Skillfugees interactive and fun for her (and us!).

Looks like all her hard work and perseverance paid off because, through Skillfugees, Vidhi has been able to secure her position as their Chief Marketing Officer at Farmable!

Farmable, a tech-startup based in Norway, “was inspired by a team of Norwegian fruit farmers who experienced first-hand the lack of digitization in their daily farming operations.”

Vidhi will be leading the global marketing efforts for them, “I have the perfect opportunity to apply my skills in the rapidly modernising agricultural sector. The team at Farmable is extremely welcoming and enthusiastic. The whole hiring process with them was really quick and efficient. The last round couldn’t happen in person due to the corona lockdown, so we did it on video chat!”

Vidhi’s tips for the job-seekers reading this would be to dive into learning the Norwegian language, even if it isn’t required for your profession, “It helps with integration. Understanding and adapting to the Norwegian work culture is a huge plus, but don’t be afraid to bring some of your uniqueness to it. That way, both you and your employer can benefit and grow.”

At Skillfugees, we’ve seen how the network has helped us connect with our audience at a personal level. We’re big advocates of LinkedIn ourselves. (Follow us there for updates, events, and for dates of our Workshop For Job-seekers in Norway!)

Job seekers, if you haven’t already, upload your CV on our website to help us match you to awesome opportunities like these and for companies if you are looking to hire your next superstar, submit your interest here!

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