“Skillhus increased my chances of finding the right job in Norway”

All of us at Skillhus feel immense joy when our candidates are able to land skilled

opportunities in the Norwegian job market.

Whether they find their opportunity through us or are placed by someone else – the goal is to equip them with the tools to do so in the Norwegian job market.

We had a conversation with Leire Aranbarri who moved to Norway from Spain right after finishing her master’s program. She came to Oslo in Norway for a 6-month internship for some international experience.

She shares with us how Skillhus equipped her with the tools that increased her chances of finding the right job opportunity in Norway.

Skillhus empowered me with the cultural and social vision of the Norwegian labour market, and provided me with a network to thrive in the country.”

“Once the internship was done, I decided to continue my stay in Norway. And even as a young professional – the journey was far from smooth and comfortable.”

She was – however – determined to look for a full-time role as a digital marketer.

“I volunteered my time for about one year in diverse startups and non-profit organizations to keep my skills up-to-date. This also helped me grow my professional network in Norway.”

Leire discovered Skillhus a few months ago on LinkedIn and decided to try our services by uploading her CV on our website.

“Within a few days, Skillhus’s team contacted me for an introductory call. They took the time to understand my needs and expectations from the Norwegian job market.” “Almost immediately, I had a mock interview with Skillhus. I was asked the most common questions asked during interviews in Norway which gave me excellent insights and tips which – in fact – helped me prepare for future job interviews in Norway.”

“I then had the opportunity to join several workshops on improving or adapting our CV format and content to fit the Norwegian job market. They included some emphasis on building a personal brand through our LinkedIn profiles.”

Leire adds that these sessions through Skillhus also helped her understand that Norwegian companies usually prefer a CV with a simple design.

“They also do consider additional job experience or volunteering roles – even though they may not necessarily be directly linked to the role, especially among young professionals like me.”

She found our virtual workshops super interactive and personal.

“I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the experience with other participants going through the same journey like me.”

“I realised I had similar concerns as the other participants, something I couldn’t have figured out on my own.”

Towards the end of these workshops, Skillhus provides a certain number of participants with different templates and resources, as well as the necessary additional support until the very last version of their new CV.

“After all the work on my CV and interviews, I was eventually contacted by two Norwegian startups with which I ended up collaborating! I noticed very fast that Skillhus has a great network and, if you know how to use it, you can really get great value from it.”

We’re extremely happy that we could equip Leire with the right tools to succeed in Norway’s job market. She has recently landed her full-time role through her referrals.

“I really need to thank each and every member of the Skillhus team for personally connecting with and helping candidates like me.”

“The training, career consultation, and the network Skillhus provided me with definitely helped me land some opportunities.”

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