Skillfugees: Job-seeker workshops from the comfort of your couch

We planned some FREE Nordic work culture workshops for job-seekers in Norway as part of our social responsibility to help the community in these challenging times.

When the Norwegian authorities put restrictions in place, including no events, we thought to ourselves, why not host this online instead?

We would have preferred to meet all of the attendees in-person, but until that’s possible, virtual webinars and meets are the next best thing!

Our workshops included tips about Nordic interview techniques, resume and cover letter writing, and even some cultural habits specific to Norway.

This may sound like quite a dry subject for some who have probably given up looking for jobs or think there’s nothing new to learn.

But, a participant shared this feedback with us, “It was engaging, interesting, and the very opposite of dry! It was informative and provided new insights into what a Nordic interview is like. I also picked up some great tips on how to go about writing a resume in Norway. What I also liked about the workshop was how we had a lot of time to ask questions and share comments. “

With 30 attendees in the virtual meet, it was an incredible sight to see so many people come together online! Workshop participants were shortlisted from a selection of candidates who uploaded their resumes on

Our mission at Skillfugees doesn’t start and end with promises of landing a skilled job in Norway. It starts with showcasing professional skills which job-seekers already have, educating candidates on Norwegian work culture and sharing our tips and tricks for interviewing in Norway.

An attendee summed up our workshop quite perfectly, “Skillfugees gave me an opportunity to participate in my first digital workshop. I was able to gain some valuable insights on the Norwegian work environment and interview process.”

We also provided attendees different Norwegian CV formats, lots of tips, and some do’s and don’ts, “Apart from theoretical knowledge, they also shared with us a CV template, which I consider as a very valuable resource..” We’re so humbled to know that we made a good first impression.

While interacting with our participating job-seekers we realised how eager they are to learn and embrace the Nordic work culture.

These workshops were split into two 2 hour sessions. The first session focussed on the Nordic interview process and workplace culture, and the second workshop continued on virtual interview etiquette.

Everyone’s feedback has been extremely motivating and helpful. We cannot thank you enough for trusting us to guide you through this.

One of our participants’ thought she had the hang of things, “... resume creation, job position searching, cover letter writing, interviewing, negotiating - it's all quite different here in Norway. Learning the new way has been a truly taxing process, and often at times demoralizing. I had already learned some of the content that you covered along the way, even some of the Norsk-specific tips. But there was so much that both of you said that elucidated the mistakes that I've been making unknowingly.”

She went on to add, “Thank you, this is a sorely-needed adrenaline-shot of hope”.

It helps to know that our feedback is implemented seriously, this motivates us to share more such tips in our future workshops, “I really enjoyed it! I thought the tips on how to craft resumes according to the Nordic format were really helpful, and I realised that I needed to add quite a bit to mine.”

We’re so thankful that all 30 participants took the time to attend and be active participants of both the workshops.

These candidates will now be matched with our partner companies looking to hire skilled professionals through our database.

The need to have the right job is now more important than ever. We want to empower job-seekers and companies with the right opportunities that benefit them both, especially in times of a crisis like this.

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