Kongstein's Recruitment Journey With Skillfugees

We talked about one of our volunteers Vendula and her recent hire at Kongstein in Oslo, Norway. 

As is our tradition, we’d now like to give you Sabine’s, the Country Manager of Kongstein’s, perspective on recruiting through Skillfugees.

Sabine first shares Kongstein’s vision with us – to enable the green shift in shipping and energy. Their focus is on two industries, offshore renewables and maritime.

Kongstein operates out of Norway and Germany. Which means that apart from combining knowledge from the shipping and offshore wind industry, they also combine Norwegian innovative culture with the German drive for efficiency. 

This means Kongstein's clients are receiving tailor-made and top-notch services.

“Our team of 17 people has more than 100 years of combined experience in offshore wind, with experience from both sides of the table (owner and contractor) in all stages of an offshore wind project. This rich experience is among the key values we bring to our clients.”

Sabine joined Kongstein during the Spring of 2019, after almost 10 years in the offshore wind industry. “I enjoy working for a small, agile company and was happy they gave me the opportunity to move to Oslo, which I really, really wanted!”

She shares beamingly, that the core values at Kongstein are team and heterogeneity. 

“We believe a diverse team is more effective, and it increases both the fun we have, as well as the quality of consultancy services we can offer to the clients.”

 Apart from these values for their clients, Sabine also shares the following leadership values the company embraces:

  • Value your team; value your colleagues; 

  • Promote improvement through giving honest feedback, focused on success; 

  • Continuously improve upon understanding the requirements with clients and stakeholders;  

  • Lead teams with clear, attainable goals; 

  • Lead by example

  • Strive to stay positive, courteous, and encouraging.  

Sabine has a lot to say about our volunteer Vendula and the value she adds as an employee at Kongstein.

“Above all, she is a great person, reliable, hands-on, and fun to work with, which is the most important in a small company. Besides, most of us are engineers and she came in as a non-engineer with a new view on our industry and how we do things. 

She has valuable input on how we can improve in, let’s say, presenting us to the clients and new methods for approaching a challenging task.

Skillfugees helped Vendula match with Kongstein and we’re so happy we could be of help, especially in these difficult times. 

On a few tips for job seekers, Sabine says, “I look for a few things on a good CV. Relevant work experience, applicable training or courses, interesting past positions, or something that makes a candidate stand-out, like pro-bono work or dedication to a certain hobby.”

She also has some great remote working tips:

“In these times there are so many different guides on how to efficiently work from home. Find out what works best for you and how you are most efficient, it’s all a trial and error. Secondly, try to take into consideration the circumstances of the people you communicate with.” 

“To me, most importantly, is to communicate the right way. Emails are important, yet sometimes overused. It’s often faster and more efficient to make a call or chat with the person you want to clarify something with.”

Sabine’s feedback on the recruitment process through Skillfugees, motivates us to help more from our candidate pool match with the right jobs and employers. 

“I would recommend Skillfugees at any time. Communication with Jyoti was really easy and efficient. She helped us find a new team member for our Oslo office. She knew us and the candidate, which made me fully rely on her recommendation. And, with Vendula, it paid off!”

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