A Jobseekers Guide to Norway

Updated: Apr 19

Creating a life in Norway is a dream that many have, and who can blame them! It's a beautiful country, with high quality of life and many opportunities. However, relocating doesn't come without its challenges. As a non-native Norwegian, it can be a difficult country to find skilled work in, and many migrants find the job search to be arduous, exhausting, and frustrating. We at Skillhus believe that the right position is out there for you, and we've created the ultimate Jobseekers Guide to Norway to help you find it.

In our Jobseekers Guide, we’ve included everything you need in order to navigate getting settled in Norway, from obtaining a national identity number to getting a tax deduction card, to opening a bank account.

We also explore the nuances of the Norwegian workplace culture, and explain how hierarchy, equality, and work-life balance play major roles in the everyday life of Norwegians in a professional context. We discuss the realities of speaking Norwegian in the workplace, and provide educational tools to make sure you’re not at a professional disadvantage based on which language you speak.

Many of our candidates have questions around other practical aspects of working in Norway: salary, job security, parental and sick leave, taxes, and holiday pay. Don’t worry-we’ve covered all of that, too!

We’ve also gone into detail about the job search process, and offer important tips around networking, the benefits of volunteering, and differences found in the private and public sectors, to name a few.

In addition, we’ve covered writing a Norwegian CV, interviews, and the hiring process.

But most importantly, we address the reality and possible hardships of being a jobseeker in Norway. If you’re struggling to find a relevant position to your skill set and experience, you’re not alone. We at Skillhus believe in you and will do our best to help you find your dream job.

We present this guide to you in the sincere hope that it will be of great service to you, and provide the guidance and encouragement you need in your journey as a jobseeker in Norway!

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