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Updated: Mar 13

Through the findings of Deloitte’s extensive research, we know that inclusive leaders typically display 6 key characteristics: curiosity, cultural intelligence, collaboration, commitment, courage, and cognizance of bias. But how are these traits translated into real-life scenarios? Are there actually inclusive leaders, who exhibit these characteristics, existing in business today?

In short - yes! In this article, we’ll share our top three examples of inclusive leaders and the companies that they represent, in the hope that they inspire you and your organizations in the same way that they motivate and influence how we operate as a team at Skillhus.

1. Candice Morgan - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Partner at Google Ventures (GV)

Candice is an expert at guiding business executives to build inclusive talent strategies that drive diverse products and scale business outcomes. In her current position as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Partner at GV, Candice creates inclusive strategies for GV (Google Ventures) and its portfolio companies and helps the firm expand diversity across the entrepreneurs it funds.

In her previous position as Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest, she led strategy and programs to enhance a diverse and inclusive company, and it was during this point in her career that Candice came onto our radar at Skillhus. We have long been fans of Harvard Business Review, which she contributes to, as well as Women Who Code - of which Candice is Board Director. In this article, she shares four key lessons that she learned about how to improve diversity from within a company during her first year at Pinterest - all of which we have put into practice at Skillhus and with the organizations that we work with.

2. Asif Sadiq - Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Adidas - soon to be switching roles to Senior VP of Equity and Inclusion, International at WarnerMedia

Asif is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging (DEIB). Asif is a multi-award-winning D&I expert with almost 2 decades of experience in the field and is a passionate and inspirational Global Leader, co-author, and a renowned keynote speaker with the ability to empower individuals and create a truly inclusive environment for all.

At Skillhus, we admire Asif for the consistent, high-quality content on DEIB that he creates and shares, and for the obvious passion and dedication that he has for the field. Asif frequently covers important topics such as race inequality, intersectionality and the journey to belonging, how to recruit diverse talent (or not), and why diversity is the missing piece of the corporate puzzle. We think that every inclusive leader or organization that supports inclusive leadership would benefit from adding Asif to their ‘to-follow' list.

3. Aubrey Blanche - Director of Equitable Design & Impact at Culture Amp

Currently, Aubrey is The Mathpath (Math Nerd + Empath), Director of Equitable Design & Impact at Culture Amp, and a startup investor and advisor. Through all her work, she seeks to question, reimagine, and redesign the systems and practices that surround us to ensure that all people can access equitable opportunities and build a better world.

Prior to her position with Culture Amp, Aubrey was the Head of Diversity and Belonging at Atlassian, and made quite an impact there, which caught the attention of the team at Skillhus.

On Aubrey’s first day at Atlassian, the company was hiring roughly 10% women into its technical workforce. Under her leadership, Atlassian boosted its female technical hires by 80%. Aubrey also invented the ‘Balanced Teams’ approach to building proportional representation and belonging in the workplace and is one of the pioneers behind Atlassian’s influential State of Diversity report, which highlights the discrepancy between belief and action when it comes to corporate DEIB culture.

Inclusive leadership should be an important pillar in every organization's business strategy. Are you interested in further information on the topic, or do you feel unsure about getting started with fostering inclusive leaders within your company? We’re here to help in a big way!

We’ve recently created a comprehensive, informative, quick, and easy-to-understand Inclusive Leadership E-guide to bring your organization to the next level of inclusion. The best part - it’s completely free to download! Also, on May 12th from 14:00-15:00, we will be joined by an exciting panel for a discussion on Inclusive Leadership. Register now, and join us and our panelists online to gain insights into the Best Practices for Becoming an Inclusive Leader.

We look forward to assisting you on your journey towards a more sustainable culture of diversity and inclusion!

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