“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Updated: Mar 13

If you’re reading this, you’re aware of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting life as we know it

all across the globe.

In Norway, this has caused more than just a disruption. The humble population of Norway (5.4 million) cannot afford to have the spread of this, or of any, sort of pandemic.

We’re going to focus on our Norwegian friends and share with you a few tips on spending time productively indoors. But, feel free to use these tips irrespective of where you’re from.


How many times have we complained about not having enough time to pick up a skill? Or said, “let’s do this another day…”? Too many times!

This is a brilliant time to do just that. If you’re new to Norway, learning the Norwegian language should be among your top priorities. Landing a job without learning the basics of Norwegian can be a challenge. Even though most Norwegians speak English, you end up missing out on several cultural experiences simply because you can’t or don’t want to speak the language.

So, be determined to learn. You can pick up the basics of any language at Verbling or Hellotalk. Once you feel you are comfortable to level up, we highly recommend Norsk Lærer Karense. Karense happens to be a certified Norwegian teacher and some of her intensive courses are even recognised by Kompetanse Norge. Kompetanse Norge is the Directorate under the Ministry of Education and Research. Their mission is for everyone to learn all their lives and secure the skills they need.

She currently has 26 thousand members in her Facebook Group and over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her YouTube channel houses a whopping number of 699 videos! This is also where you will find a mix of mid-level and basic Norwegian lessons for FREE.

Other ways you can pick up more skills is via LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn has taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and put in place several regulations and formats of content around this. Although, our favourite has to be the 16 Free LinkedIn Learning courses they have made available for everyone working from home. What a professional gesture, eh?


Norwegians are born on skies, they say. Well, we do enjoy the outdoors! While we may all be in a recommended quarantine, going for a walk helps. But, only do so if you aren’t sick in the slightest way and are keeping a safe distance from others.

You may have board games and card games, time to binge on those! ‘Kahoot!’, happens to be a favourite among many.

Or, how about hosting a Watch Party on Netflix Party? That way you and your friends can still enjoy a movie together, even though you aren’t together.


This is an almost forgotten category. Dust-off those books you have never read, or re-read your favourite ones. Time spent reading is never wasted.

But, if you’re into audio or visual media, perfect time to listen to podcasts or audio books. Also, since most of the world is stuck indoors as well, keep an eye out for free webinars, events, or workshops. Like ours!


Everyone has their own special way of destressing, calming their nerves, or being mindful. While some are distressed by cooking new recipes, some prefer to bake.

While some pick up personality development books or courses, others simply talk to their best friends. Then there are those who exercise, do deep-breathing, go for a jog, or talk to their pet. Do anything that uplifts your mood and calms your mind.

Another example would be, meditation. Waking up is an app that helps with exactly this. If this is something that you like, the app is a guide to “help you live a balanced life by sharpening your mind and helping you find peace.”Did you know that adult colouring books help with mindfulness too?

These are our tips on how you can spend your time in a way that makes you happy or helps you feel positive in these strange times. In the meantime, check out our website for online events or read our blog.

Bonus Tip:

Hundreds of courses from America’s top Ivy League schools are now online for FREE! Check them out here.

Which tip would you use? Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to know. Leave a comment below!

Note: None of the websites or products mentioned in this article is sponsored. We are not affiliated in any way to the brands or products mentioned in the article, These were curated based on suggestions from our team.

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