How I Met My Co-Founder

One of the highlights of being a founder in the startup jungle is the zealous people you meet.

Like I’ve always said, being a founder doesn’t mean you bury your social life. It just means the borders might get blurry, but as long as you can stay happy and motivated – that’s all that matters.

What was supposed to be a fun dinner at my husband’s colleague’s place – turned out to be the evening I met my co-founder!

Of course, I didn’t instantly know. But, this beautiful accident led to great conversations about what we do at Skillhus and Hanne’s perspectives with a peek into the corporate world.

I’m super excited to introduce everyone to – Hanne Magnell – a young mother to two little munchkins living in Oslo with her Italian fiancé.

Hanne hit the ground running with her career in recruitment where she built a recruitment team from ground up within her organisation from AND managed it.

After a few years in the recruitment industry, she moved to London for a Masters Degree in International Human Resource Management.

Equipped with an academic degree, she then returned to Norway and started her professional journey in HR.

Hanne currently has years of HR experience under her belt. She’s also worked extensively with leadership and organisational development in the private sector.

“I love facilitating workshops and training sessions, to help people develop their ability to perform better and collaborate with others more effectively.”

But, what was it that made her get on board as my co-founder?

For many years Hanne has had an interest in diversity management, unconscious bias and inclusion – and how they all play a role in the workforce or with people’s interactions with each other.

“I have experienced how important diversity is, for organisations and the society as a whole. Diverse teams are better equipped to innovate, handle challenges, and improve the overall performance of a business.”

“When I got to know Jyoti and the work that Skillhus does, I was given the opportunity to work with something I’m so passionate about. It was an easy decision to get on board!”

With my understanding of Norway’s startup ecosystem and Hanne’s corporate mindset, we hope to scale what Skillhus can do for candidates and companies alike to a different level.

Hanne and I are currently shaping Skillhus’s new venture – exclusive workshops for companies.

Hanne´s ideas on how we can take Skillhus moving forward? E.g. suggestions on developing workshops due to her background and interest in the topic.

The overall aim through the workshops is to take advantage of the existing diversity in companies – within the teams or the organisation as a whole.

For companies to have maximum benefit, our workshops will be tailored to fit each organisation’s unique needs.

As Hanne would put it, “We’ll also work with teams and individuals on fighting unconscious biases and getting the best out of each team member.”

These workshops can cover a combination of topics, from diversity management to dealing with unconscious bias and even diversity training.

Skillhus has never been a one-woman show and it’s humbling to have found an ally in Hanne for our company’s mission – even in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

I’m extremely thrilled to have her share and add her valuable knowledge to the leadership role as my co-founder at Skillhus.

Stay tuned for insights from Hanne and updates on what’s coming up at Skillhus via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Write to us here if your company is interested to know more about our workshops.

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