Hiring Success Story: Renata at Farmable

Updated: Mar 13

Renata is a UX designer from Brazil who has been living in Norway for 13 years now. She came to Norway in 2005 to visit a friend.

“I fell in love with the country! I instantly decided that I would come back and two years later I got accepted to a master's degree at KHiO (Kunsthøgskolen) in Oslo.

Renata has only good things to say about being a migrant in Norway.

“I’ve met people who have been open, curious, and truly interested in making me feel welcome. But, I would say I did have an edge by building a network through University.”

“It is for sure more difficult if you’re not Norwegian, so learning the language – unfortunately – is still a requirement for most jobs.”

Renata strongly recommends putting learning the Norwegian language in the to-do list.

“... even letting employers know that you are learning - it shows an interest and can be seen as an advantage.”

Renata has been a consultant for the most part of her time in Norway. She’s often approached by recruitment agencies but feels like just another number or applicant in their system.

“Some of them do not even know why they’re contacting me. Although, it was totally different with Skillhus!”

The process at Skillhus has always been to give our candidates our personal attention and time.

Skillhus knew exactly what the position was about and they even took the time to explain clearly to me why I’d be a good fit.”

Interestingly Renata’s family runs a lush coffee farm in Brazil, so she’s keen on bringing her digital expertise to this industry.

“The coffee sector needs digitisation, so Farmable is the perfect startup for me to work at. It’s almost a privilege!”

Renata’s eagerly looking forward to her role working as a UX consultant at Farmable because she believes that understanding how products are used helps build products people would actually use.

“This is why trying to understand the core issues faced by the farmers, will help us start working with the interface design.”

Coming back to the subject of hiring migrants, Renata highlights a few advantages for companies – “migrants contribute to problem-solving in a unique way by sharing different viewpoints.”

She tells us that migrants bring their background and their vision of the world wherever they go – “... these qualities have enormous power especially if they’re working within innovation and creativity.”

Renata feels that companies need to do more than just speaking about hiring ethnically diverse talents – “... they need to actively make changes to accommodate diversity. One of them is accommodating English speakers within the workplace.”

Skillhus is proud to have placed Renata as a consultant at Farmable and we wish her and the company the best.

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