Helping Hands: Our Marketing and Content Volunteer at Skillfugees

Updated: Mar 13

When I started Skillfugees, I started it as a passion project to help skilled refugees and immigrants get jobs.

Not in a million years did I think it would get to a point where I would have some talented professionals offer their services to work with me on this - on a volunteer basis!

I am so humbled and grateful to all the volunteers who have approached Skillfugees and helped us grow to where we now are. So, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about each of them.

Meet our marketing and content strategist - Devina Agarwal. We met in 2016 at a co-working space and interestingly connected during our work as volunteers for Startup Weekend Oslo.

As a trailing spouse from India, she was in the same boat as most migrants here today (including my husband!), “It took me tears, sweat, sleepless nights, determination, and 3 painful years to get to a point where I can speak and understand the Norwegian language to a certain extent. Writing in it is a whole other painful journey.”

Devina, a native English speaker, is specifically a copy and content writer with interest and flair for creating some fun digital marketing strategies. To her writing isn’t just about being able to communicate, it’s about two-way meaningful communication.

“It will definitely take me years to be able to write in Norwegian like I do in English, but the awesome thing now is that many companies are realising the audience they’re losing by not catering to those who can’t communicate too well in Norwegian. So, there’s some hope.”

She currently consultants part-time for a startup agency as their content strategist and volunteers for two other initiatives apart from us at Skillfugees.

What interested her about Skillfugees was the vision behind our work. “I was thrilled! When I saw Jyoti talk about Skillfugees on her personal social media channels, I was over the moon. I kept an eye on this project for a few months and decided to talk to her about any help she needed. Turns out, she did!”

Devina has been helping out with our marketing and content along with a few others. She has always expressed the desire to learn and has thus tried her hand at events. “Back when I was in India, you didn’t need to have too many skills. There was a job for everyone. In Norway, I have realised that having multiple skills isn’t just an asset, but a requirement. So, I try to learn as much as possible.”

“Skillfugees has given me the opportunity to be part of an organisation from the ground up. There’s a lot more than marketing and writing I’ve had the opportunity to do. I’ve met some inspiring people because the other volunteers are just as, if not more, talented and skilled. There’s so much I’ve learned from each of them.”

Thank you, Devina, for your work with Skillfugees.

Watch out for our next brilliant volunteer guys! She’s a talented HR professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

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