From Spicy to Icy: Volunteering at Skillfugees

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Meet Amandeep.

Moving around often was part of her life as the daughter of an Indian Army personnel, so moving to Oslo wasn’t any different for her.

“I can adapt easily to different environments but the weather is nothing like I have ever experienced before. Although, unlike Delhi, the air is fresher and I can access nature in the city of Oslo. But then again, it gets way too cold and there’s no ice skating where I’m from!”, she laughs.

She beams about Norway and her time here so far, “It's a big change of course, but I love how warm, caring, and welcoming Norwegian people have been to me.

”As a trailing spouse, Amandeep was familiar with her future home before she moved. “My husband did fill me in on quite a bit. Even on how the language will be a hurdle, professionally.

”She feels very relieved that Oslo has tons of Indian restaurants and joints and is a seafood hub, “I am a big foodie! But, I see Oslo is welcoming to people from different cultures and walks of life.

”Amandeep is an HR professional with 8 years of experience in Recruitment, Training and Development, Employee Engagement, and Learning & Development. “My passion for this field stems from the opportunity to understand human nature and find the right fit within an organisation’s dynamics.

”Aman has worked for big names like Ernst & Young and HarperCollins, when she lived in India.

“Understanding what makes an individual and team tick within an organisation, and helping them grow, is something that I find myself most interested in in the field of HR.

”She has been a big part of Skillfugees as a volunteer. Amandeep reached out to us wanting to help and keep herself up to speed in a professional field.

“I first heard about Skillfugees on Facebook. The mission of this organisation is something so close to my heart because I also happen to be among the audiences this initiative is for. Jyoti is very hands-on with her role as a recruiter, founder, business developer, you name it.

”Working at Skillfugees has helped Aman pick up new skills or look at the working of an organsation from the ground up. “Of course, I am looking for opportunities to work full-time. But, working with Skillfugees helps me understand the Norwegian work-culture. I have also met some fantastic people and connections.

”Her advice to newcomers would be to meet as many people as possible by joining or participating in workshops or events. She believes it's important to grow a network to get ahead professionally. “There’s a lot that happens here for free. Like I mentioned, people have a big heart here and really care to help others."

“Also, I see most Norwegians pay attention to their physical and mental health. Something I have picked up as well.”

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