From Poland to Norway: the journey of a front-end developer

Updated: Mar 13

Our mission at Skillhus is to create connections that will match our incredible candidates with a company who’s looking for their unique skill set, and succeeding in that mission is our greatest accomplishment: it truly feels like a personal triumph, each and every time. When one of our candidates, Edyta, was recently hired as a front-end developer at quickly growing and incredibly diverse and inclusive company,, we were beyond thrilled to have facilitated such a mutually beneficial collaboration.

In the world of tech, female developers can oftentimes be few and far between, so we wanted to take the opportunity to sit down (or, across the computer screen) and dig deeper into Edyta’s experience, as well as celebrate her accomplishments - and Wanda’s ability to recognize them! We hope you enjoy our interview with Edyta as much as we enjoyed having her as a candidate.

Skillhus: Hi Edyta, thanks for joining us! Could you start by telling us a little a bit about yourself?

Edyta: I’ve lived in Poland all my life. I’m a psychologist. I have 2 cats, a dog and a husband. I like to learn new languages (German, Swedish, Norwegian, JavaScript haha)

S: A little coding humor to start us off! What have you done previously (professionally)?

E: Four years ago I started working as a front-end developer. I worked in different companies, startups or software houses or in the healthcare sector.

S: Why did you move into the field that you currently work with?

E: After my master degree I found a job in Norwegian startup CheckWare. I was working remotely there from Poland. This position combined psychological knowledge (for eg.: psychometrics, psychological assessment, diagnosis) and some coding, which I learned at work. After some time I wanted to do more with real coding so I finished coding bootcamp and got my first job.

S: Why Oslo/Norway?

E: I always wanted to live in the north. When I was at my university I started to learn Swedish for myself. Then because of my job in CheckWare, I started learning Norwegian by myself. While working in CheckWare and learning those languages, I learned about Nordic culture and loved it.

S: What has been your experience as a highly skilled international jobseeker in the Norwegian market?

E: To be honest, I don’t have much experience… Jyoti found me and I got the job. It was easy for me this time. But I didn’t have much luck earlier last year. I was looking for a new job in January and got 2 interviews. They were both very polite and professional. But then the COVID-19 pandemic started and I got stuck in Poland.

S: Yes, COVID-19 has most certainly altered quite a few plans. Can you tell me about your experience as a Skillhus candidate?

E: I was actually contacted by Jyoti on LinkedIn. The process was very nice and professional. From the first meeting with Jyoti I felt taken care of - like I knew I was in good hands. I have a lot of experience with different HR professionals, and for the first time I felt that someone actually wanted to do something - to help me get a good job, and not just ‘catch a contact for the future’. She provided me with her time, support and knowledge.

S: That’s great, thank you. We’re obviously very pleased that you had such a pleasant experience with Skillhus, and Jyoti in particular. And we’re also so excited for you that your journey ended up with joining the team at such a diverse and inclusive organization like! Why do you think/do you think working on a diverse team is important?

E: In my experience, Poland is not very culturally diverse. I worked with 2 people from Ukraine - and I’ve been working in many companies. I love being at Wanda and in Norway where there are so many different cultures! I think it is important that we learn from each other, that we respect each other and from that, we are all becoming better versions of ourselves :)

S: We couldn’t agree more! Why do you think/do you think companies should invest in their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging practices?

E: I think when companies make the effort of investing in their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategies, it makes you - and the rest of the team - feel heard, more "at home", and safe to be yourself.

S: Yes, it most certainly does make a difference. So, what do you hope to accomplish at Wanda?

E: I hope to help make the company thrive, to learn as much as I can with my colleagues, and to become a better developer.

S: We’re sure you’ll accomplish all that and more, Edyta! For our final question: what do you think you add to the Wanda team, with your unique background?

E: I definitely offer a different perspective in certain areas!

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Edyta, and assist her in securing an incredible opportunity as front-end developer at Wanda - a company that understands the importance and many advantages of hiring a diverse team, and goes above and beyond to foster an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels that they belong and are valuable, and valued.

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