Finding Farmforce's Global Sales Director: Norbert Binot 🌱

Updated: May 3

We recently worked with Farmforce, a SaaS company providing digital solutions to organizations with the confidence to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life, and protect the environment.

Take a moment to read about John Bentham, Head of Employee Engagement at Farmforce and what he has to say on inclusive hiring and working with us at Skillhus.

"I have worked as an Employee Engagement and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant in Europe, Asia, and the Americas."

Farmforce prefers to hire people from diverse backgrounds. John says,

"At Farmforce, we are working to address extraordinary and complex challenges related to the sustainable sourcing of agricultural products from all around the world."

According to John, Farmforce depends on the capacity of the team to generate innovative ideas that are informed by multiple perspectives. To best meet many of the challenges and provide robust and innovative solutions we synthesize all ideas into comprehensive solutions for our partners worldwide.

John believes, you can think of Farmforce's diversity as being their generation's “cheat code” where we are able to iterate ideas faster than competitors. Farmforce requires a diverse team: we depend on having local expertise helping us navigate through the unique concerns of smallholder farmers where we operate.

John adds that an important contributor at Farmforce is where inclusion occurs on at least two levels in the organization. On one level, it's making sure they feel comfortable asking for things and valuing input from the entire team; how they can improve and what opportunities we can explore to ultimately grow Farmforce. On the other level, it is to care about our people and to show them that we care. When our team feels that we are concerned for them as people, of course they feel included!

Norbert Binot, Sales Director at Farmforce

“I had a fantastic experience working with Jyoti at Skillhus. She was able to quickly identify our needs by asking the right questions at the right time which allowed her to zero in on our dream candidate. She came with Norbert Binot in a very short turnaround time.”

“Having a diverse team can present its challenges and can require some additional efforts and attention to make it work. When it's done thoughtfully the value it adds far outweighs those additional efforts. Skillhus sees that diversity has been a key component of their

“secret sauce” allowing them to attract top talent from all over the world.”

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