Farmable, Norway’s Tech Startup, Where Sustainability Meets Digitalisation

Updated: Mar 13

Kaye Hope from Farmable took the time to talk to us at Skillfugees about how Farmable, a technology company, makes precision farming simple and accessible for fruit and vegetable farmers. 

Farmable was founded in August 2018 in response to the lack of user-friendly software solutions available to farmers working with horticulture (growers of fresh produce, not grain/cereal farmers). 

“Our vision is to empower farmers to feed the world while preserving the planet. We make it our mission to reinvent how farmers gather, organize and use their data, helping them improve yield while taking care of the environment.”

At Skillfugees we want to really understand and celebrate the core values at companies hiring from our talent pool. 

Kaye tells us that at Farmable, they’re extremely farmer-centric. They specifically believe in the farmer’s ability to grow food to efficiently feed the planet, “We design our tools first and foremost to address the needs of the farmer.”

They also believe that data-driven insights are the farmers’ most valuable asset to improve the performance of global horticulture.

We’d like to highlight how diversity is among their core company culture values, “Beyond this, integrity and diversity are at the heart of our team.”

According to Kaye, Farmable addresses a global audience on a daily basis. Their team has to have a deep understanding of the world beyond Scandinavia and be able to build trusting relationships, using virtual tools. 

“Quite simply, this demands diversity!”

Skillfugees focuses on ensuring relevant jobs for skilled migrants in the Norwegian workforce. We’re thrilled to collaborate with a company like Farmable, where cultural diversity is seen as a powerful asset. 

Skillfugees is precisely what Norwegian small businesses targeting international markets have been missing to support their recruitment process. Within minutes of our meeting, Jyoti had a list of candidates for our team to consider for the marketing role.”

In the current economic climate, hiring seems like an impossible task for most companies.  We ask Kaye how Farmable’s ability to hire, especially now, came about –

Agriculture doesn’t stop! It literally feeds the basic human needs of the planet. Our team is supplying technology to a critical industry and so continuing to resource the team was a necessary choice.”

As we already shared, our candidate Vidhi Kumar has joined their core team as Chief Marketing Officer at Farmable. Kaye strongly believes that having a unique skill to bring at the table is a must, especially in small teams.

With Vidhi’s marketing communication experience, I’m confident she’ll have a significant impact on how we attract new users to our platform and share Farmable’s user stories coming out of not just Norway, but also Australia, Germany and the UK.”   

Kaye looks for these 3 things she personally looks for in a CV:

  1. Someone who can deliver quantifiable results

  2. Experience working in cross-cultural environments

  3. Startup experience 

“It might be a tough market right now for jobseekers, but taking initiative and sharing past successes and results, can help. Venturing to include a video can help you stand out from typically written applications”.

While many companies like Farmable are part of a critical industry, no doubt being tech-based has greatly helped them function smoothly even in the current economic situation. But, many companies have to now venture into an unfamiliar territory of digitalisation or are forced to shift gears completely with their products and services.

This would be the right time to invest in hiring from an international talent pool. Why? Because migrants come from a mindset of starting from scratch and making the best of the situation they're in.

They possess a problem-solving mindset nurtured by the need to stay ahead in a new environment.

If you believe your company could leverage the unique skills only a professional with international experience has, get in touch with us here.

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