Aussie sales manager lands dream job in AgTech

Updated: May 19, 2021

Jyoti Sohal-David, CEO & Founder

Russell and Rebecka
Russell and his wife Rebecka

It's no surprise that finding a job can be difficult when you're new to Norway. Most people begin their job search with no professional network and with little knowledge of the local language. But the question remains, if you have the right qualifications, do you actually need to speak Norwegian to find work in Norway?

Meet Russell. Sales Manager for Australian markets at Farmable - a Norwegian AgTech company specialising in digitisation of farming operations. Russell´s background includes 18 years sales experience, predominantly within the Australian Agricultural industry for companies such as Silmac and Silvan. Along with traditional sales management experience, Russell has worked on his own hobby farm, managed day to day business operations and direct involvement with product development.

Russell and his wife embarked on a new adventure when moving to Norway a little over 12 months ago. Not knowing much about the Norwegian job market, Russell took the leap and made the decision to look for job opportunities on arrival.

“Since arriving in Norway and living in a smaller town, finding a job in sales without fluent Norwegian has been challenging, luckily I have had a truck licence for years which gave me the opportunity to work as a garbage collector”.

Russell connected with Skillhus on Facebook messenger after seeing the job ad shared in an expat group for Aussies. He was curious and interested in the role but also quite surprised seeing this person required the exact skills he possessed. Who would've ever thought that a Norwegian company would be looking for a sales manager with experience within the Australian agriculture industry? This seemed too good to be true!

From our first conversation, it was clear that Russell was an ideal candidate for the role. Everything from his experience in farm operations, sales experience and existing network within the rural farming industry in Australia, we knew that Russell would be ready to hit the ground running and make Farmable a success down under.

We were extremely humbled to hear Russell share his experience with Skillhus:

Jyoti was amazing, from our first phone call I felt like she understood my situation instantly and was able to relate to the challenges of being new to Norway presented in the job market. She was always contactable and checked up and advised me every step of the way”.

After weeks of anticipation and interview rounds, Russell received a phone call with an offer! He goes on to share his excitement, “the position at Farmable is a perfect fit for me, in my previous roles in Australia I have been involved with Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and spent a lot of time on and around farming, it's very exciting to be able to utilise my years of experience within the Australian Ag industry here in Oslo”.

Following the interview process, Kaye, Chief Operating Officer at Farmable said:

“It's incredible to find a resource with extensive experience in agricultural sales from Australia eager to join a Norwegian startup. Our team’s success is highly dependent on recruiting talent like Russell, who understand the mindset of our global customer base. Skillhus truly unearthed a hidden gem in their recruitment work to bring him into our team.”

In his new role, Russell will be responsible for developing and executing the go to market strategy for the Farmable platform in the Australian market. The perfect opportunity to work with an industry which is not just familiar to Russell but also close to his heart.

“I believe what Farmable is working towards is the future of Agriculture. It is a very traditional industry and sometimes a very isolated industry due to geographical distances and Farmable has almost unlimited possibilities of improving efficiency and providing instant information from the palm of one's hand”.

We are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Russell and help him secure an incredible opportunity with Farmable - a company that understands the importance of hiring a diverse workforce to be competitive in the global market.

“Norway and Australia are small countries from a population perspective and we can be set in our ways of doing things. Having an employee with an international perspective to add to the team's idea sharing and decision making is a must for any company looking to make an impact on the world stage”.

When asked about any advice he could share with organisations wanting to recruit someone with a diverse background, Russell adds with a smile:

“Give them a try, you might be surprised what value they can add to your team!

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