A Conversation With Airthings: How A Norwegian Startup Thrives Globally

Lauren is herself, an immigrant from the USA and currently works as the Consumer Marketing Manager at Airthings.

Airthings, founded in 2008, is a Norway-based tech company.

Their business is led by a team of expert scientists, engineers, and technology professionals from diverse backgrounds. “We have more than 70 employees from over 21 nationalities!”, shares Lauren excitedly.

Lauren believes it’s essential that people have an open mind and an outlook for excitement to work with people who have differing viewpoints, something Airthings as a company puts into practice in their willingness to hire expat or migrant talents.

“We look at the diversity at Airthings and think about it when we interview people for our company. The massive benefit is pretty clear when we hire people from different educational backgrounds, different countries, and with different world views. It makes for a much more diverse perspective and it makes our company so much better for it!”

According to this report by McKinsey, a diverse work environment actually triggers profits.

The only drawback of such a work environment, according to Lauren, is that managers will have to take the time to understand the needs of their diverse set of employees, “...but we see that the benefits completely outweigh the drawbacks.”

Lauren is also one of the leaders of the Intern program at Airthings and on their culture committee.

So, what are the few factors Airthings looks for while hiring? “We don’t want to limit ourselves to people from one country. We also look for curiosity, drive, and excitement for our brand. Because of this, every single person in our company has a passion for Airthings and is excited to see us succeed together.”

In fact, Airthings doesn't discriminate based on education. “Many of our employees have learned a lot of their skills on their own, either by taking classes on the side, practicing in their free time, etc. That kind of dedication shows how much drive and passion you will have at our company.”

Three non-academic competencies Airthings looks for in their candidates are communication, openness, and passion, “Sometimes, even having passion for a hobby shows how well rounded you are.”

Airthings has a paid summer internship program, so bookmark this page and keep an eye on their vacancies, if you’re interested!

“We take on paid interns every summer and we ALWAYS pay our interns. We don’t believe in unpaid internships and we definitely don’t believe in “busy work” for interns. We try to empower interns with larger projects that they can accomplish on their own. And we only choose projects that can help our company grow, which means that both the company and intern can see the benefits.”

Airthings has currently been using our database to interview skilled expats for openings at their company. If you’re a jobseeker interested in working at Airthings, you could upload your CV on our website here.

They’re also happy to wholeheartedly partner with Skillfugees on future projects, “I would love to collaborate with Skillfugees! I had a tough time getting a job here in Oslo and spent quite a bit of time searching (twice!). And now, at Airthings, I have experience with hiring here in Norway as well. I think it would be really fun to help with a workshop: looking at CVs, talking about important things to mention during interviews. I would love to help!”

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