Inclusive leadership training 

Many leaders are aware of the value of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in their organisation, but there is often a gap between awareness and action. 

While the importance of having inclusive leadership is apparent, we still see organisations struggling to define what that looks like in actuality. 

At Skillhus we believe that inclusive leadership fosters: 

  • a sense of belonging and value

  • equitable treatment 

  • resourceful and supportive teams 

This interactive virtual workshop is designed to support leadership as they observe and identify workplace behaviors, while encouraging a culture of inclusion in their team and organisation.

What do we offer? 

Skillus specializes in designing flexible and effective leadership development training programmes based on our extensive expertise, combined with the latest research. 

Inclusive Leadership Training Programs:

  • Virtual and face-to-face Inclusive Leadership Training

  • DE&I Strategy and Policy Design

To provide the best training, we co-create tailored leadership programmes with our clients. 
Topics we cover: 


  • Introduction to different characteristics and positive effects of inclusive leadership in the workplace

  • Tools on implementing inclusive leadership strategies

  • Tips and tricks on motivating and supporting diverse teams

  • Creating and nurturing an inclusive culture

Find out how to provide the support your leaders need to create
inclusive teams and foster workplace diversity and inclusion. ​


Organisations often have good intentions on integrating DE&I into their strategy or policies, but fall short in creating effective and measurable actions.

We help our customers to develop and design custom procedures around diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the employee lifecycle. The procedures may include activities within recruitment and employer branding, onboarding activities, talent management, and evaluation. 

Want to learn more on how you can benefit from a purpose-built
diversity and inclusion strategy, and policies that make a
meaningful difference?

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