Diversity hiring

What is diversity hiring?

Organisations today understand the value of fostering diverse and inclusive workplace culture, and want clear and specific guidance on how to attract and retain a diverse pool of talent.

Diversity hiring is an important step towards having an organisational culture that cultivates inclusion and belonging. 


Our training helps your employees increase awareness of their unconscious bias in the hiring process, and other barriers of diversity hiring. We focus on motivating positive behaviours and attitudes that are essential for creating and maintaining a respectful and inclusive culture.


Effective Diversity Hiring Activities: 


  1. Revise your job ads - are they inclusive? 

  2. Showcase the diversity you are aiming for or already have

  3. Focus on cultural add versus cultural fit in you hiring process

  4. Practice the two-in-a-pool effect on your final candidate pool

  5. Practice blind hiring in the screening process 


Interested in learning more about increasing diversity in your talent pool? Read our blog post here (in Norwegian). 


Diversity hiring training by Skillhus
  • Introduction to inclusive hiring and increasing talentpool diversity

  • Creating inclusive job ads

  • Recruiting on the basis of culture add rather than culture fit

  • The two-in-a-pool effect

  • Tackling unconscious bias in the recruitment process

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