Career Advice & Coaching

Taking the next step in your life either for a career change can be exciting yet challenging. Sometimes you may not even know what your next step is. With the right support, you can discover your strengths and passions, shine a light on your ideal path and excel in your life. 

Are you not sure about?..


There are two methods that we use to achieve your career goals. We will spend the initial session figuring out which path works best for you. 

What can you expect?

Your career advisor will:

  • Discuss and assess your current situation

  • Identify your career goals and key values

  • Identify key strengths and transferable skills

  • Assess your personality profile and career interests

  • Discuss career options that are a fit with your personality, interests and values

  • Discussion around the different stages of a career change and the common obstacles

  • Feedback on your resume, covering letter and LinkedIn Profile

  • An action plan for taking practical next steps

What career advisors don´t do: 

While career advisors and coaches can help you to understand better who you are and the factors that most influence your lifestyle, they will not tell you what to do, what job to take, or which career to pursue.

To create a career you’ll really love, you need clarity, confidence, and a step-by-step guide to make it happen. We are here to guide you!


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Career Advice

Need help with a job transition or not sure what your next career step should be? We navigate your career path through an increasingly complex job market!



Co-Active Coaching helps you to focus on personal growth through conversation, actions, and awareness. It gets you outside your comfort zone, exploring your own boundaries & becoming aware of the impact you’re having around you.

Who we are

What our customers say

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Sandra Niehusmann

Jyoti helped me get from idea to concrete level, to confirm career path forward and to be persistent in the time when it is difficult to find a job. Using the 3 step process, I was given tools to continue working. In addition, she is a fantastic Coach who asks very helpful questions. At the same time, I could ask questions about the topic of Norwegian culture and the world of work. And in the end, I got really good input on my application letter, which resulted in an invitation to an interview.


Jyoti Sohal-David

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jyoti Sohal-David has a Double Degree in Teaching and Arts and international experience with 4 years professional experience in Australia. Jyoti is also a certified career counsellor and currently completing coaching training to become a certified Co-Active Coach. In addition, she has worked in the Startup industry and facilitated hackathons both in Norway and other countries.


Hanne Magnell

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Hanne Magnell has a Masters in Science in International Human Resource Management with experience from different roles within HR and worked many years with organisational- and leadership development. She is an expert in training and knowledge management and a Professional Co-Active coach. Hanne has international experience with 2 years of professional experience from London and Milan.