Skillhus is a recruitment agency that bridges the gap between skilled migrants and refugees and the Norwegian job market.


We offer organisations tailor-made workshops and training to help utilise diversity in the team.


Jyoti Sohal-David

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jyoti Sohal-David has a Double Degree in Teaching and Arts and international experience with 4 years professional experience in Australia. Jyoti is also a certified career counsellor. In addition, she has worked in the Startup industry and facilitated hackathons both in Norway and other countries.

Hanne Magnell

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Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Hanne Magnell has a Masters in Science in International Human Resource Management with experience from different roles within HR and worked many years with organisational- and leadership development. She is an expert in training and knowledge management and a Professional Co-Active coach. Hanne has international experience with 2 years of professional experience from London and Milan.

Courtney Lineback

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HR & Marketing Coordinator Courtney Lineback has degrees in Multinational  Business Operations and Entrepreneurship with extensive experience in international startup environments. She is co-founder of Trondheim-based Habitat, and has held roles in a wide variety of other industries, such as management, sales, and logistics, both in the U.S. and Norway.

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