Jyoti, the founder of Skillhus established the company in November 2019, based on a matter very close to her heart-her husband’s experience as a skilled migrant looking for work in Norway.


Her husband is from Australia, and the problems that he faced while looking for skilled work in Norway made her realize just how big of a need exists for a company that specializes in bridging the gap between skilled international talent and the Norwegian workplace.  

As a result of this realization, Skillhus was born.

Skillhus is a recruitment and consultancy agency that bridges the gap between skilled migrants and refugees and the Norwegian job market. 

We offer organisations tailor-made workshops and training to help utilise diversity in the team.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between skilled migrants and refugees and the Norwegian job market.


Our aim is also to implement an inclusive approach to organisations and leadership development by creating awareness around the value of diversity and provide actionable tools on Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.



We value curiosity and exploring different points of view to inspire greater engagement. Stay curious, ask questions and engage!


We truly care about the impact diversity creates. We push ourselves to be the best and create impact through our dedication, passion and hard work. 


We care about our clients, candidates and community and strive to always give more of ourselves than what is expected. 


We focus on speaking bravely and listen openly and respectfully. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We believe that building trust builds a better company.


We are passionate; we think, we plan and are not afraid to make mistakes. We never give up and we seek to constantly improve and innovate.


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Jyoti Sohal-David

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jyoti Sohal-David has a Double Degree in Teaching and Arts and international experience with 4 years professional experience in Australia. Jyoti is also a certified career counsellor and currently completing coaching training to become a certified Co-Active Coach. In addition, she has worked in the Startup industry and facilitated hackathons both in Norway and other countries.


Hanne Magnell

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Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Hanne Magnell has a Masters in Science in International Human Resource Management with experience from different roles within HR and worked many years with organisational- and leadership development. She is an expert in training and knowledge management and a Professional Co-Active coach. Hanne has international experience with 2 years of professional experience from London and Milan.